“I love to teach “General Etiquette Classes”, “Wedding Etiquette Consulting”, and “Business Etiquette”.  I feel there is a real need at this time; after all good manners never go out of style.  I will come and teach the following:

How to  walk, sit properly in a chair, good posture, a crash course on speaking correctly with good grammar, respect, the importance of “Thank you” notes & RSVP, how to dress appropriately, cell phone etiquette, how to be the perfect Hostess, to set a formal table setting and formal dining. I will teach how to allow Males to be Gentlemen and Females to be Ladies, allowing men to open doors, help with your coat, pull out the chair, etc., even how to get in and out of a car properly.

 For a more advanced class, I will teach Résumé building, how to dress, act and speak in an Interview, hopefully landing that dream job. I teach general etiquette classes, business etiquette and wedding etiquette consulting.

My humorous method has helped many to know how to preserve good and mannerly behavior.

You don’t have to be ultra intelligent to get somewhere in this world; however, you do have to have good manners to get you far…”

~Heather Openshaw